Math Snack


Children will practice math skills as they help sort out treats for a snack.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Prepare a table for snack time. Tell children that they will be having a snack and helping to divide it among classmates.
  2. Invite two or more volunteers to hand out napkins, knives, and plates, one for each child. Have volunteers announce the number of each type of snack they have before and after handing them out. Make a subtraction problem from the two figures to show how many were given by each volunteer. Then add the totals to arrive at the total number of children.
  3. Explain that each child can have two graham cracker halves. Break one cracker into two equal halves. Have children decide how many halves will be used in all, multiplying the number of children by two.
  4. Have children raise their hands to determine who wants peanut butter and jelly with their crackers. Write the numbers on the board. Use the numbers to make a bar graph showing the number of children who want peanut butter, jelly, both, or neither.
  5. Point out the number of orange sections in each orange. Explain that each child gets three sections. Ask volunteers to estimate how many children each orange will feed. How many oranges will be used in all?
  6. Let children enjoy the snack they've earned!