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Writing Prompt

Persuasive Essay:

Some people feel that Christmas has become too commercialized. Have students write essays persuading their family members to give each other only home-made presents.


Grades K–1: Language Arts
Christmas Alphabet Book

Students will love making this cute alphabet book, which will help them learn initial consonants and vowels.

Grades 1–2
Pasta Christmas Tree Decorations

Have your students create Christmas wall decorations.

Grades 1–3: Art
Tree People

Your students can make snowmen out of envelopes to decorate a Christmas tree.

Grades 1–3: Art
Holiday Scrapbook

Have your students look through these “snapshots” of Christmas in an online scrapbook that belongs to Sue Ellen from the “Arthur” series. Then have each of them draw a picture illustrating a family holiday moment. Hang the pictures around the room to create a class Holiday Scrapbook.

Grades 1–5: Social Studies
Holiday Stamps

The U.S. Post Office designs stamps for most holidays. Keep one step ahead of the post office and have students design their own holiday stamps.

Grades 1–8: Language Arts
Holiday Cards

Have children celebrate their favorite December holiday by creating their own greeting cards. You might want to send children's greetings to a local senior center, nursing home, or shelter.

  • E-Cards
Grades 2–5: Art
3-D Paper Christmas Tree

Make a forest of trees to decorate the classroom or the lunchroom. You can also send the trees home with students.

Grades 2–5: Language Arts
Ah, Nuts!

Guess the word, before the Nutcracker cracks all the nuts.

Grades 2–8: Language Arts
Word Finds

Have students find Christmas-related words hidden in a puzzle.

  • Christmas (grades 2–4) (PDF file)
  • Christmas Answer Key (grades 2–4) (PDF file)
  • Christmas (grades 5–8) (PDF file)
  • Christmas Answer Key (grades 5–8) (PDF file)
Grades 3–8: Social Studies
Holiday Recipes

Have each of your students bring home a booklet of traditional recipes.

Grades 3–8: Language Arts
Holiday Wacky Web Tales

Students can create wacky holiday stories and practice their grammar skills at the same time.

Grades 4–8: Language Arts/Social Studies

All over the world, there are many ways to wish someone a Merry Christmas. How many can your students match up?

Grades 5–8: Language Arts
I Hear Hooves on the Roof

Share with students the traditional poem “'Twas the Night Before Christmas” and have them write modern versions of a visit from Santa Claus.

Grades 5–8: Social Studies
Christmas Beginnings

Learn how many Christmas practices had their origins in ancient Mesopotamia.

Grades 5–8: Social Studies

Why do you have holly draped over the mantel and staircase? Why are there poinsettias on the hearth? Students can find out the answers to these questions and more.

Grades 5–8: Social Studies
Colonial Christmas Party

Have your students organize an old-fashioned Christmas party.

Grades 5–8: Social Studies
Holiday Quizzes

Test students' knowledge of Christmas trivia with these fun online quizzes.

Grades 6–8: Social Studies
Tour Jerusalem

Now is a great time for students to take a virtual tour of this historic city.

Grades 6–8: Art

These beautiful lanterns make great gifts for friends or relatives. Adult assistance may be required.

Grades 6–8: Social Studies
A Season for Giving

Help students learn the true meaning of giving by organizing a bake sale to benefit a local charity. Students can create posters announcing the sale and bring in baked goods from home. Have the class vote on where to send the proceeds from the sale.

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