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Amusement Parks

Writing Prompt


Amusement park rides are exciting experiences. Have students list words that describe what it feels like to ride on a favorite amusement park ride. Then have them write poems about their experiences.


Grades 1–8: Language Arts
Amusement Park Postcards

Students can send their family and friends fun postcards showing wild rides and historic scenes.

Grades 2–4
Carousel Coloring Pages

Students can create a virtual carousel, at home or at school. Have them color these horses and then write a name underneath and describe what it is like to ride the horse. Paste the pictures onto a piece of posterboard to create a carousel.

  • Print Version (Carousel Horse 1)
  • Print Version (Carousel Horse 2)
  • Print Version (Carousel Horse 3)
  • Print Version (Carousel Horse 4)
  • Print Version (Carousel Horse 5)
Grades 2–5
Save the Food!

Can't get to an amusement park? Well, there are plenty of online arcade games for students to play, such as Food Fight, where kids help Flik save his food from the grasshoppers.

Grades 2–8: Language Arts
Word Finds

Have students find amusement park–related words hidden in a puzzle.

  • Amusement Parks (grades 2–3) (PDF file)
  • Amusement Parks Answer Key (grades 2–3) (PDF file)
  • Amusement Parks (grades 4–8) (PDF file)
  • Amusement Parks Answer Key (grades 4–8) (PDF file)
Grades 3–5: Science
Maximum Energy

Students can design their own roller coaster, experimenting with different configurations to see how kinetic and potential energy interact on a roller coaster.

Grades 3–8: Language Arts
My Favorite Park

Have students design an advertising brochure for their favorite amusement park. Students can include pictures and information that would convince someone to visit the park.

Grades 4–8: Science
Personal Roller Coaster

Students can design their own virtual roller coaster and watch it loop the loops.

Grades 4–8: Science
The Scream Machine

Have students design their own conceptual roller coaster, using the physics concepts that are used to design real coasters.

Grades 4–8: Science
Crash Course

Have students predict the outcome of bumper collisions after learning about Isaac Newton's second and third laws of motion.

Grades 6–8
Vintage Roller Coaster Puzzle

Have students assemble a challenging puzzle of an amusement park in 1902.

Grades 7–8: Language Arts
Crossword Puzzle

Have students test their knowledge of amusement parks.

Grades 7–8: Science
Roller Coaster Design Quiz

Have students role-play as roller coaster designers, and see if they make the right choices to create a coaster thrill ride.

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