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Writing Prompt


This family is about to enjoy a wonderful concert. Have students write a story about an experience the family had at the concert, using the outdoor stadium for a setting and the family members as characters.


Grades K–1: Music
Get Moving!

Songs like “Stretch,” “Wiggle,” and “Round and Round” will get the blood flowing in your classroom. Play these songs, and get kids moving to their lyrics for an energizing break.

Grades K–3: Music
The Color of Music

Students can have fun coloring different instruments and, at the same time, learn instrument names.

  • Coloring Pages (Print and color.)
  • French Horn (Color online.)
Grades K–8: Music
Musical Cards

Students can express themselves musically by sending an animated greeting card to a friend or family member.

Grades 1–3: Music
Sing a Song

Your students can sing along with these animated animal videos.

Grades 1–4: Music
Virtual Piano

Students can create a simple tune and then hear what it sounds like.

Grades 1–8: Music

Test students' knowledge about music.

Grades 1–8: Music/Language Arts
Word Scrambles

Can your students unscramble these musical words?

Grades 1–8: Music
Word Finds

Have students find specific musical terms hidden in a puzzle.

  • Music (grades 1–4) (PDF file)
  • Music Answer Key (grades 1–4) (PDF file)
  • Music (grades 5–8) (PDF file)
  • Music Answer Key (grades 5–8) (PDF file)
Grades 2–3: Music
Dancing with Foxes

Challenge your students with a fun music memory game. Have students copy the notes that the dancing foxes play. Students can advance to higher levels as they play.

Grades 3–5: Music
All in the Family

Have your students explore the instruments of the orchestra.

Grades 3–5: Music
Musical Reactions

Have students listen to music about water and react to different tempos and moods with creative activities.

  • Water Music
Grades 3–6: Music
Musical Tour of America

Have your students explore the United States through songs.

Grades 4–8: Music
Round and Round We Go

Have students join together to sing a round, such as the Australian kookaburra song.

Grades 4–8: Music
Composer Challenge

Can your students find and match the hidden composers?

  • Music Match
Grades 4–8: Music
You Can Call Him “Wolfie”

Send students on an interactive musical journey to explore the life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This entertaining storybook is embellished with pictures, hypertext links to details, and audio files of Mozart's compositions.

Grades 4–8: Music/Social Studies
Where in the World?

Send students around the world in search of musical instrument history. Students can click on a world map to learn where instruments originated. After reading the full record, students can click on the picture for a magnified image and then print it. You can have students attach a string from the picture to its origins on a world map posted in the classroom.

Grades 5–7: Music
Composer Match

Do your students recognize great composers and their masterpieces? Have them test their knowledge with this matching game.

Grades 5–8: Music
Rock 'n' Roll Timeline

Have students learn about the start of rock music and important events throughout its history by creating a timeline.

Grades 5–8: Music
Crossword Puzzle

Have students test their knowledge of musical terms.

  • Music (PDF file)
  • Music Answer Key (PDF file)
Grades 5–8: Music
DJ for a Day

Students can experiment with virtual turntables, sound clips, scratching, and lighting effects.

  • turntables

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