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Writing Prompt

Compare and Contrast:

The fall season looks different in other places around the world. Have students write a compare and contrast paragraph that tells what fall looks like where they live and what it looks like in another region or country.


Grades K–2: Science/Social Studies
All About Fall

Have the students write some facts about fall. Then have them draw fall pictures.

  • Fall (PDF file)
Grades K–2: Art
Leaf Rubbings

Have the students bring in leaves from home, recess, or a walk and create works of art by making rubbings.

Grades K–3: Science/Mathematics
Vegetable Sorting

With so many vegetables in abundance during the fall season, have each of the students bring in one or two favorites. Then have students sort them by color, size, and texture.

Grades K–4: Art/Science
Coloring a Cornucopia

Autumn is a bountiful time for food. Print an assortment of pictures of food for the students to color.

Grades K–5: Art
Abstract Leaf Art

Using Styrofoam® plates, students can create multicolored leaf art.

Grades K–5: Science
A Taste of Fall

You and your students can make tasty treats from pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Grades K–5: Science
Compare and Contrast

Collect different types of potatoes—red, Idaho, sweet, yam, and so forth—and have kids compare and contrast the vegetables. Older students can organize their data with a Venn diagram.

  • Venn Diagram (PDF file)
Grades K–8: Science
Stone Soup

When it's harvest time, it's fun to make a big pot of vegetable soup. Have each of the students bring in one ingredient for this healthful dish. Don't forget to add the stone.

  • Stone Soup
Grades 1–3: Mathematics/Science
Count on Leaves

Students can practice reading numbers and counting as they color.

Grades 1–3
Flight of the Butterfly

Every autumn millions of Monarch butterflies migrate thousands of miles to the South. Have the students help one of them along online.

  • Autumn Maze
Grades 1–4: Science
Track What You Eat

Harvest time is a good time to think about fruits and vegetables. Have your students find out if they eat enough fruits and vegetables daily. Have them keep track every day for at least a week.

Grades 1–8: Language Arts
Word Scrambles

Can your students unscramble these fall words?

  • Fall Word Scramble (grades 1–2) (PDF file)
  • Fall Word Scramble Answer Key (grades 1–2) (PDF file)
  • Fall Word Scramble (grades 3–5) (PDF file)
  • Fall Word Scramble Answer Key (grades 3–5) (PDF file)
  • Fall Word Scramble (grades 6–8) (PDF file)
  • Fall Word Scramble Answer Key (grades 6–8) (PDF file)
Grades 1–8: Science

Test your students' knowledge about the fall.

  • Fall Nature Quiz (grades 1–2) (PDF file)
  • Fall Nature Quiz Answer Key (grades 1–2) (PDF file)
  • Fall Science Challenge (grades 3–5) (PDF file)
  • Fall Science Challenge Answer Key (grades 3–5) (PDF file)
  • Equinox Challenge (grades 6–8) (PDF file)
  • Equinox Challenge Answer Key (grades 6–8) (PDF file)
Grades 2–3
Two Scarecrows

They look alike, but some things are different. Have your students find all ten differences between the two scarecrows.

Grades 2–3: Language Arts
Word Finds

Have the students find fall theme words in a puzzle.

  • Fall (grades 2–3) (PDF file)
  • Fall Answer Key (grades 2–3) (PDF file)
Grades 2–8: Science
All in the Angle

The angle at which sunlight hits Earth helps to determine the seasons. Have your students experiment with flashlights, watercolors, or popcorn to understand this concept.

Grades 3–5: Language Arts
Football Story Starter

Give your students copies of this page to color and ask each of them to write a story about the children in the picture. What happens next?

Grades 3–8: Language Arts
Fall Letters

Have the students write to friends or family about a favorite fall activity.

Grades 3–8: Language Arts
Fall Wacky Web Tale

Students can create wacky stories about the fall by filling in the blanks with parts of speech.

Grades 3–8: Science
Falling for Leaves

Students will rake up points by identifying leaves before they hit the ground.

Grades 4–6: Language Arts/Social Studies
A Story About Fall

Share with your students the Greek myth that explains why the seasons change. Then have them write their own myths about why the fall happens.

Grades 4–8: Science
Save the Seeds

Have students harvest seeds from this year's flowers and vegetables to use in next year's garden.

Grades 5–8: Social Studies/Art
Make a Cornhusk Doll

Have the students make cornhusk dolls. These dolls are based on the Penobscot dolls illustrated by Frank G. Speck in the mid-1900s.

Grades 5–8: Language Arts
Fall Crossword Puzzle

Have your students solve this fall theme word puzzle.

  • Fall (PDF file)
  • Fall Answer Key (PDF file)

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