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Grandparents Day

Writing Prompt


Not all grandparents are the same. Some are always on the go and some are more relaxed. Have students write a description that tells about one of their grandparents or an elderly friend or relative.


Grades K–2: Art
A Month of Memories

Have each of your students decorate a calendar page for the month of September to give to their grandparents as a Grandparents Day present.

  • September (PDF file)
Grades K–2: Social Studies
Grand Posters

Have your students make posters illustrating fun family moments with their grandparents.

Grades K–2: Social Studies
Me and My Grandma and Grandpa

Have your students color these pictures. Then have them draw their own pictures of themselves having fun with their grandparents.

Grades K–3: Art

Your students can create bookmarks as great Grandparents Day gifts.

Grades K–3: Social Studies
Certified Appreciation

Students can show appreciation for a grandparent with a special certificate.

Grades K–3: Social Studies
How We Celebrate Our Family

Birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries are some ways that people celebrate the family. Ask students what special days they celebrate with their families. Encourage them to share any traditions their families may have for these special days.

Grades K–3: Social Studies
By Any Other Name

Ask each of the students to bring in a photograph or to draw a picture of their grandparents or elderly relatives. Discuss the different nicknames the students have for their grandparents. Have the students stand and show their pictures to the class and talk about what they call their grandparents. Display the pictures and the names on a bulletin board.

Grades K–8: Language Arts
Grandparents Greeting

Students can say “Happy Grandparents Day” with e-cards to their grandparents.

Grades 1–3: Language Arts
Grandpa Is Great, Grandma Is Too

The fastest way to a grandparent's heart is with a poem. Have each of your students fill in the blanks to create a poem about a special grandparent.

Grades 2–5: Social Studies
The Best Times

A timeline can help your students reflect on how other people can shape their own growth and development. Have each of the students list five or more memories of the best times they spent with a grandparent or an elderly relative. Then have the students put the events in chronological order on a timeline. Ask each student to write a short paragraph about one way this relative has helped him or her.

Grades 2–8: Language Arts
Word Finds

Have the students find words related to Grandparents Day hidden in a puzzle.

  • Grandparents Day (grades 2–3) (PDF file)
  • Grandparents Day Answer Key (grades 2–3) (PDF file)
  • Grandparents Day (grades 4–6) (PDF file)
  • Grandparents Day Answer Key (grades 4–6) (PDF file)
Grades 2–8: Social Studies

Have the students locate their ancestors' homelands on a world map. Place labels with students' names around the map, and run strings from the labels to pins marking the locations on the map.

Grades 2–8: Language Arts
Stamp of Honor

A postage stamp is an excellent way for students to honor their grandparents. Have each of the students use a photograph or a drawing for one side of the stamp. On the back of their stamps, students can list important details, including dates and other facts about the relative.

Grades 3–5: Social Studies
Where I Come From

Have each of your students create a family tree including portraits of their parents and grandparents. The finished product will make a great Grandparents Day gift.

Grades 3–6: Social Studies
Through the Years

Have each student learn about events in his or her family by creating a family timeline.

Grades 3–8: Language Arts
Letters to Grandparents

Invite each of the students to write a letter to a grandparent or to an elderly relative or friend. The student can ask a question about what this person enjoys about being a grandparent, or can thank him or her for something. Students can encourage the recipients to write back using the school's address, and then share the responses with the class.

Grades 3–8: Language Arts
A Great Day with a Grandparent

Have each of your students illustrate an adventure he or she had with a grandparent, or a story about something that happened to a grandparent, as if it were a scene in a film.

  • Filmstrip (PDF file)
Grades 3–8: Social Studies
From Little Acorns, Mighty Trees Do Grow

Have each of your students create an original family tree to show relationships between family members.

Grades 4–7: Language Arts/Social Studies
What Did You Say?

Every generation expresses itself in its own way. Have your students talk with grandparents or older acquaintances about words and expressions they both use. Then they can quiz each other.

Grades 4–8: Social Studies
Why, When I Was Your Age

Have each of your students interview a grandparent or an elderly person. The student can ask questions about the relative's favorite memories or about what was different when this person was growing up. Older students may want to use an audio cassette or a videotape.

Grades 5–8: Language Arts
Grandparents Wordsmith Challenge

Challenge your students to see how many words they can make out of the word “grandparents.” Give an extra point for a word that relates to the themes of grandparents and family, like the word “past.”

Grades 6–7: Language Arts
Grandparents Crossword Puzzle

Have the students solve this grandparents-related word puzzle.

  • Grandparents Day (PDF file)
  • Grandparents Day Answer Key (PDF file)
Grades 6–8: Social Studies
Grandparents Matchup

Would your students know what to call their grandparents in another country? Challenge them to match foreign words for “grandmother” and “grandfather” with the languages in which they are used.

Grades 7–8: Social Studies
Passing the Test

More than half the families living in the United States today had a great-grandparent pass through Ellis Island. Have the students take a simple quiz to see what kinds of questions their ancestors may have faced.

Grades 7–8: Social Studies
Test of the Ages

All old folks are not the same. What are your students' attitudes toward the elderly? Have them learn more about older people with this simple quiz.

Grades 7–8: Science
Grandparents on the Web

Grandparents look great on the Internet, too. Have each student create a web page for a grandparent. Features might include important events, sound clips, photographs, family news, and fun facts.

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