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A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling
A complete homeschooling community and portal site with articles, chat, boards, events, kids' sites, links to learning materials, support groups and laws worldwide.
National Home Education Network
NHEN is a national non-profit organization with an extensive Web site of information and resources for homeschooling families, including special sections for new homeschoolers and homeschooling teens.
Jon's Homeschool Resource Page
This site is considered by many homeschoolers to be the definitive homeschool resource. Jon's Homeschool Resource Page includes the following features: A Frequently Asked Question file full of resources for the beginning homeschooling parent, links to online newsgroups and mailing lists for homeschoolers, lists of local support groups and organizations, links to homeschoolers' home pages, and information about offline homeschooling resources.
Home Education's Homeschooling Information and Resource Pages
Here you will find homeschooling information “for everyone from the slightly curious to the veteran activist.” Information is available on Homeschooling Magazines and Books, Resource Catalogs, Correspondence Programs and Schools, Support Groups, Organizations, and State Laws and Regulations. You can read articles from Home Education Magazine, or download the current issue. This site is sponsored by Home Education Press, publishers of Home Education Magazine.
The Mining Company's Homeschooling Page
This page contains many articles on homeschooling issues, links to homeschooling resources, and a discussion board. Other features include: Explorations for Kids, Help Getting Started, Regional Info, Curriculum, and New Links.
Finding Homeschool Support on the Internet
This site is terrific for finding homeschool support on the Internet. It provides links to E-Mail Interest Groups, Chats, Message Boards, Newsgroups, National, State and Local Support Groups, and many other online resources.

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