Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


El autobús escolar (School Bus)
by Donald Crews
A yellow bus takes children across town to school and home again.
Azulín va a la escuela (Blue Bug Goes to School)
by Virginia Poulet
When Blue Bug goes to school, he learns the alphabet, how to count, and other things.
Vamos: Un libro en dos idiomas/Let's Go: A Book in Two Languages
by Rebecca Emberley
Labels present words for different objects at the zoo, the aquarium, the beach, an art museum, and other places. Text in Spanish and English.
¿Qué te gusta? (What Do You Like?)
by Michael Grejniec
A boy and girl take turns telling what they like.


El gato tragón (The Hungry Cat)
by Phyllis King
Children count from one to ten as a cat eats and eats and becomes fatter and fatter.
Los sonidos a mi alrededor (The Listening Walk)
by Paul Showers
Harper Arco Iris
On a walk with with her father, a young girl discovers some of the different sounds that exist in her everyday world.
Uno, dos, tres/One, Two, Three
by Pat Mora
As two sisters look for a birthday present for their mother, they count from one to ten. Text in English and Spanish.
Yo soy (I Am)
by Rita Milios
Children playing together describe themselves in terms of opposites and similarities.


Albertina anda arriba: El abecedario/Albertina Goes Up: An Alphabet Book
by Nancy María Grande Tabor
Readers answer questions and look for objects whose names begin with the letters of the alphabet in the pictures. Text in English and Spanish.
Así vamos a la escuela (This Is the Way We Go To School)
by Edith Baer
Children around the world use all kinds of vehicles to get to school.
Hoy fue mi primer día de escuela (I Started School Today)
by Karen G. Frandsen
A child describes the ups and downs of his first day at school.
Mis cinco sentidos (My Five Senses)
by Aliki
Harper Arco Iris
Children learn how they discover the world through their five senses.
Lo que sientes al tocar (Feeling Things)
by Allan Fowler
A description of how our sense of touch helps us to know our surroundings.
Lo que ves (Seeing Things)
by Allan Fowler
This simple photo essay explains how our sense of sight helps us see the world around us.


Cincuenta en la cebra: Contando con los animales/Fifty on the Zebra: Counting with the Animals
by Nancy María Grande Tabor
Readers count and answer questions about all kinds of animals in this bilingual counting book. Text in English and Spanish.
Mi primer libro de dichos/My First Book of Proverbs
by Ralfka González
Children's Book Press
A playful collection of popular Mexican proverbs. Text in English and Spanish.
Timoteo va a la escuela (Timothy Goes to School)
by Rosemary Wells
A know-it-all dulls Timothy's enthusiasm for school until he meets a friend.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Crisantemo (Chrysanthemum)
by Kevin Henkes
She loves her beautiful name, but Chrysanthemum is miserable at school until she meets a special teacher.
El párajo Federico (Federico the Bird)
by Beatriz Doumerc
Federico the bird, a musical dog, and a pigeon play with words as they parade through the pages of this book.
El premio (The Prize)
by María Puncel
Fernando wins a drawing contest and invites his classmates for a day at the zoo.

For Shared Reading

La casa que Jack construyó (The House That Jack Built)
by Elizabeth Falconer
Pictures replace certain words in this rebus interpretation of the familiar, cumulative rhyme.
Los niños alfabéticos (The Alphabetic Kids)
by Lourdes Ayala and Margarita Isona-Rodríguez
Gerardo, Isabel, and their friends act out the Spanish alphabet.
Los pollitos dicen/The Baby Chicks Sing
by Nancy Abraham Hall and Jill Syverson Stork
A collection of games, rhymes, and songs from Spanish-speaking countries. Text in English and Spanish.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


Monday Run Day
by Nick Sharratt
In this rhyming story, a dog romps and runs and sleeps through the days of the week.


Here Are My Hands
by Bill Martin, Jr., and John Archambault
A group of lively children describe different parts of their bodies.


Pedro, His Perro, and the Alphabet Sombrero
by Lynn Rowe Reid
Pedro decorates a sombrero he receives as a birthday gift with objects beginning with the letters of the alphabet.
School Days
by B. G. Hennessy
The many aspects of a school day are presented in rhyming text.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Oliver Pig at School
by Jean Van Leeuwen
Five stories portray a young pig's adjustments to school.