Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


¿Adónde está mi topito? (Where's Little Mole?)
by Inez Greene
Harper Déjame leer
Little Mole has many hiding places in his underground home.
La cinturita de Anansi (Anansi's Narrow Waist)
by Len Cabral
Harper Déjame leer
An African tale explaining why spiders have eight legs.
Tortugas (Turtles)
by The Cousteau Society
Color photographs record the sea turtle's journey to the beach and then back to the ocean.


Ranitas (Frogs)
by Angela Royston
Sequential photographs record a frog's growth over a period of weeks.
¿Quién es la bestia? (Who Is the Beast?)
by Keith Baker
Harcourt Libros Viajeros
A tiger discovers that the jungle animals running from a beast are actually running from him.
Mariposa dorada (Golden Butterfly)
by Marta Osorio
The story of how a worm becomes the world's first butterfly.
¿Dónde quedó la bolita? (Where Was the Little Ball Left?)
by Margarita Robleda Moguel
The amusing adventures of a centipede and other insects are told in rhyme.


Cuenta ratones (Mouse Count)
by Ellen Stoll Walsh
One by one, a snake counts the mice he catches before they escape.
Pinta ratones (Mouse Paint)
by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Three white mice experiment with jars of red, yellow, and blue paint.
Los colores del camaleón (The Chameleon's Colors)
by Carmen Blázquez Gil
A chameleon who is unable to change color seeks help from an older and wiser chameleon in this rebus story.
Rosa alada (A Rose With Wings)
by Alma Flor Ada
Gabriel chooses a worm as his favorite animal, but he is surprised when it turns into a beautiful butterfly.
Sopa de ratón (Mouse Soup)
by Arnold Lobel
A mouse escapes from a weasel's soup pot by telling him four stories.
Un ciempiés descalzo (A Barefoot Centipede)
by María Teresa Remolina López
To his mother's dismay, a little centipede decides that he must have shoes.


Es mejor dejar en paz a las serpientes (It's Best to Leave a Snake Alone)
by Allan Fowler
Basic information about the behavior and characteristics of snakes is relayed in this photo-essay.
Cómo se esconde una mariposa y otros insectos (How to Hide a Butterfly and Other Insects)
by Ruth Heller
Rhyming text presents unusual insects and their methods of camouflage.
¡Ranas, sapos y renacuajos! (Frogs and Toads and Tadpoles, Too)
by Allan Fowler
An explanation of the differences between frogs and toads.
La mariquita (The Ladybug)
by Pascale De Bourgoing
Transparent pages help to convey information about the ladybug.
¡Qué bueno que haya insectos! (It's a Good Thing There Are Insects)
by Allan Fowler
From bees to butterflies, this photo-essay describes the importance of insects.

For Teacher Read Aloud

La mariquita malhumorada (The Grouchy Ladybug)
by Eric Carle
A ladybug who picks fights and creates a ruckus wherever she goes finally learns to be nice.
Pérez y Martina (Perez and Martina)
by Pura Belpre
Martina the cockroach is interested in making Perez the mouse her husband in this Puerto Rican folktale.
La canción del geco (The Gecko's Song)
by David Kraatz and Mauricio Luengas
When a young gecko becomes separated from his mother, he learns much about his rainforest environment.
El cocuyo y la mora (The Firefly and the Raspberry Bush)
by Kurusa Uribe
This Venezuelan myth explains how the firefly got its spark.
Ciudades de hormigas (Ant Cities)
by Arthur Dorros
Harper Arco Iris
A look at the fascinating world of ants, from the cities they build to the jobs each ant carries out.

For Shared Reading

También los insectos son perfectos (Even Bugs Are Perfect)
by Alberto Blanco
A collection of humorous poetry about insects.
La pulga y el piojo (The Flea and the Louse)
An ant and a louse get married in this traditional, rhyming song.
El canto del mosquito (The Song of the Teeny-Tiny Mosquito)
by Alma Flor Ada
After a frog swallows a mosquito, a fish swallows the frog, and so on in this cumulative tale.
¡Salta, ranita, salta! (Jump, Frog, Jump!)
by Robert Kalan
A frog tries to catch a fly without getting caught by a turtle in this cumulative story.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz,” Went Bumblebee
by Colin West
Bumblebee's buzzing annoys all of the animals except for Butterfly.


The Spider on the Floor
by Raffi
A jaunty song about a woman's fright when she sees a spider.
In the Small, Small Pond
by Denise Fleming
A child watches all sorts of creatures in and around a pond.


Ten Flashing Fireflies
by Philomen Sturges
A sister and brother count the fireflies they catch in a jar, and let them go again.
Do You See a Mouse?
by Bernard Waber
Even as a mouse scampers right under their noses, everyone at the Park Snoot Hotel insists that there is no mouse.

For Teacher Read Aloud

How Snake Got His Hiss
by Marguerite W. Davol
This original tale explains not only how Snake got his hiss, but how Hyena got his spots, Lion his mane, Ostrich her speed, and Crocodile her bumps.