Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


¿Quién viene? (Who Is Going?)
by Patricia C. McKissack
Childrens 1986
An African monkey runs from all the other animals but one.
¡Qué sorpresa! (What a Surprise!)
by Mary Packard
A child opens a birthday present and finds a puppy.
Hay un ratón en la casa (There's a Mouse in the House)
by Taro Gomi
A mouse runs through the house in this rhyming book, complete with mouse hole.


¿Quién vive debajo de mi cama? (Who Is Living Under My Bed?)
by Margarita Robleda Moguel
A girl imagines all kinds of things that might be living under her bed.
Pipo y el oso (Pippo and the Bear)
by Chris Riddell
Pipo befriends a bear and invites him home for a snack.
Los tres osos (The Three Bears)
by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack
In this favorite story, three bears return home to find an unexpected visitor.
Un ratón en casa (A Mouse in the House)
by Henrietta Santillana
Follow a mouse through the house, and even past a sleeping cat.


El gato ensombrerado (The Cat in the Hat)
by Dr. Seuss
Chaos ensues when the Cat in the Hat visits Sally and her brother. Text in English and Spanish.
¿A dónde vas, osito polar? (Where Are You Going, Little Polar Bear?)
by Hans de Beer
An iceberg carries Little Polar Bear off to a tropical island where he makes new friends.
Harry y el terrible quiensabequé (Harry and the Terrible Whatzit)
by Dick Gackenbach
Worried about his mother who has gone downstairs to the basement, Harry overcomes his fear of the two-headed monster he is sure lives in the basement.
Una noche de nieve (One Snowy Night)
by Nick Butterworth
One cold, snowy night, the forest animals take refuge in Tomas's cabin.
¡Ahí viene el malvado topo! (The Big Bad Mole Is Coming!)
by Martin Waddell
Chaos breaks out in the barn when a boy announces that a big, bad mole is coming.
Una pesadilla en mi armario (There's a Nightmare in My Closet)
by Mercer Mayer
A boy, scared of the monster in his closet, learns to conquer his fear.
Harry, el perrito sucio (Harry the Dirty Dog)
by Gene Zion
Harper Arco Iris
To avoid a bath, Harry runs away, but when he returns home, he is so dirty no one recognizes him.
La sorpresa de Gallinita (Sillyhen's Big Surprise)
by Valeria Tripp
Gallinita's house seems to grow once her inconsiderate guests leave.


Fue el gorila (The Gorilla Did It)
by Barbara Shook Hazen
Simon Libros Colibrí
A boy is kept awake during naptime by a mischievous gorilla.
Los cochinos (Pigs)
by Robert Munsch
Marisa lets the pigs out of the pen and they follow her everywhere, even to school.
¿Quién llama en la noche a la puerta de Iván? (Who's Knocking in the Night at Ivan's Door?)
by Tilde Michels
One night during a blizzard, a series of animals knock at Ivan's door looking for a place to sleep.
El fantasma del palacio (The Palace Ghost)
by Miguel Lobe
A lonely ghost who wants a roommate is pleased when a painter, a cat, and a dog appear at the palace door one day.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Hay un dragón en mi bolsa de dormir (There's a Dragon in My Sleeping Bag)
by James Howe
Simon Libros Colibrí
Alex comes up with his own solution to his brother Simon's imaginary dragon Dexter.
Mateo y los pavos de medianoche (Matthew and the Midnight Turkeys)
by Robert Munsch
Matthew sets a trap to catch the midnight turkeys, and they spend a hilarious night playing together.
El secreto en la caja de fósforos (The Secret in the Matchbox)
by Val Willis
A dragon that Bobby keeps in a matchbox grows to gigantic proportions when released in the classroom.

For Shared Reading

Si le das una galletita a un ratón (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)
by Laura Joffe Numeroff
Harper Arco Iris
When a boy gives a hungry mouse a cookie, he sets off a chain of funny events.
¿Dónde está el pato? (Where's That Duck?)
by Mary Blocksma
Berta the duck goes to the city to find her friends and they show up in funny places.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


Up to Ten and Down Again
by Lisa Campell Ernst
One duck watches as two cars pull up by the pond and picnic pandemonium begins.


Sheep in a Shop
by Nancy Shaw
Sheep go shopping and find a clever way to pay the bill.
Sheep Out to Eat
by Nancy Shaw
Hungry sheep cause mayhem when they dine in a teashop.


EEK! There's a Mouse in the House
by Herbert Wong Yee
A funny story about what happens when there's a mouse in the house.
A Mouse in My House
by Nancy Van Laan
A boy imagines all sorts of mischievous animals in his house.
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
by Laura Joffe Numeroff
Harper, Scholastic
When a boy gives a hungry mouse a cookie, he sets off a chain of funny events.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Backyard Bear
by Jim Murphy
A hungry black bear wanders into a populated neighborhood.
Nuts to You!
by Lois Ehlert
A child watches as a rascally squirrel makes its way into her apartment.
Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore
by David McPhail
Boisterous pigs cause havoc when they visit the narrator of this playful poem.