Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


Cuando el elefante camina (When the Elephant Walks)
by Keiko Kasza
An elephant who scares other animals is frightened by a mouse.
Gran canción de los animales (Big Long Animal Song)
by Mike Artell
Harper Déjame leer
Long octopus tentacles and big polar bear paws are some of the animal parts described in this rhyme.
Gordito, Gordón Gato Galano (After Calico Cat eats too many sweets)
by Donald Charles
After Calico Cat eats too many sweets, he feels fat and sleepy, but when he eats nutritious foods, he becomes energetic and active.
Buenas noches, Gatito (Good Night, Little Kitten)
by Nancy Christensen
A little kitten resists his mother's and father's attempts to get him to go to bed.


Big Dog…Little Dog/Perro grande…Perro pequeño
by P.D. Eastman
Two dogs who are opposite in every way are also good friends.Text in English and Spanish.
El gran perro colorado (Clifford, the Big Red Dog)
by Norman Bridwell
Scholastic Mariposa
Emily Elizabeth describes her red dog Clifford, who is bigger than a house.
Las lechucitas (Owl Babies)
by Martin Waddell
Three little owls miss their mother when they awaken one night to find her gone from the nest.


Chiquito pero listo (Little But Smart)
by Zoraida Vásquez and Julieta Montelongo
A small rabbit is intimidated by a hippo and an elephant until he realizes that he can outsmart them.
Historia de ratones (Mouse Tales)
by Arnold Lobel
At bedtime, Papa Mouse tells his children seven stories, one for each of them.
Natán y Nicolás Alejandro (Nathan and Nicholas Alexander)
by Lulu Delacre
Nathan, an elephant, learns that sharing can be fun when he and Nicholas Alexander, a mouse, become close friends.
Ernesto y Celestina: la alcoba de Josefina
by Gabrielle Vincent
Ernesto, a bear, and Celestina, a mouse, prepare for Aunt Josephine's visit.


Otoño del oso (Bear's Autumn)
by Tejima Keizaburo
A bear and her cub welcome the changes brought by autumn.
El secreto en la caja de fósforos (The Secret in the Matchbox)
by Val Willis
Farrar Mirasol
A dragon in a matchbox grows to gigantic proportions when it's set loose in a classroom.
El animal más grande del mundo (The Biggest Animal in the World)
by Allan Fowler
This photoessay describes the characteristics and behavior of the world's largest mammal.
La viejecita que no le tenía miedo a nada (The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything)
by Linda Williams
Harper Arco Iris
One night while walking through the woods, a little old lady who's not afraid of anything has the scare of her life.
Elefantito y gran ratón (Little Elephant and Big Mouse)
by Benita Cantieni
Little Elephant carries Big Mouse around and teaches him all about what's big and what's small.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Destello el dinosaurio (Dazzle the Dinosaur)
by Marcus Pfister
Ediciones Norte-Sur
A dinosaur's beautiful shining spines help him to scare away the dreaded dragonsaurus.
El osito polar (Little Polar Bear)
by Hans de Beer
Ediciones Norte-Sur
Lars, a little polar bear, is swept away on an ice floe from his North Pole home to the tropics, where he has exciting adventures.
Paul Bunyan (Paul Bunyan)
by Steven Kellogg
The tall-tale hero Paul Bunyan, and his huge blue ox Babe, fight wild Gumberoos, create the Grand Canyon, and share other incredible adventures.
El niño gigante (The Giant Child)
by J. L. García Sánchez and M.A. Pacheco
A young boy who is lost comes across a town of tiny people who take advantage of his size until the town's children rescue him.

For Shared Reading

El gaton Tragón (The Hungry Cat)
by Phyllis King
A greedy cat who eats and eats gets fatter and fatter in this counting book.
Pequeño elefante y las noches sin luna (Little Elephant and the Moonless Nights)
by Carmen Blázquez Gil
A little elephant is afraid to sleep in total darkness in this rebus story.
El canto del mosquito (The Song of the Teeny-Tiny Mosquito)
by Alma Flor Ada
A frog swallows a mosquito, a fish swallows the frog, and so on in this cumulative tale.
¿Dónde está mi osito? (Where's My Teddy?)
by Jez Alborough
Rhyming text tells the story of a boy who loses his teddy bear but finds a giant teddy and a real bear in the woods.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


One Day in the Jungle
by Colin West
When a butterfly sneezes, progressively bigger animals catch the sneeze in this cumulative story.
Big Fat Hen
by Keith Baker
Huge hens and their baby chicks caper through a classic counting rhyme.


Fireman Small
by Wong Herbert Yee
Fireman Small keeps busy rescuing cats, rabbits, and other members of his community.
Come Out and Play, Little Mouse
by Robert Kraus
A mouse accepts a cat's invitation to play, but has no idea what kind of game the cat has in mind.


The Wee Little Woman
by Byron Barton
A retelling of the favorite story about a wee little woman and her wee little cat.
Big & Little
by Steve Jenkins
The concept of size is illustrated using big and small animals from all over the world.
Big Black Bear
by Wong Herbert Yee
A mannerless black bear visits a little girl and makes a terrible mess.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Young Mouse and Elephant
by Pamela J. Farris
Boastful Young Mouse sets off to prove to Elephant that he is the strongest animal on the plains.
The Tiny, Tiny Boy and the Big, Big Cow
by Nancy Van Laan
A tiny boy tries repeatedly to milk a big cow that will not stand still in this cumulative tale.