Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


La colcha de retazos (The Crazy Quilt)
by Kristin Avery
Harper Déjame leer
A young bear makes a crazy quilt from pieces of her family's favorite clothes.
Mi papá (My Dad)
by Debbie Bailey
Simple text and color photographs show all kinds of different dads and their children.
No fui yo…(It Wasn't Me)
by Alma Flor Ada
A young boy makes a mess as he gathers a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift for his mother.
Carlito en el parque una tarde (Carl's Afternoon in the Park)
by Alexandra Day
Farrar Mirasol
The trusty rottweiler-cum-nanny Carl takes the baby for a romp in the park.


¿De quién eres, ratoncito? (Whose Mouse Are You?)
by Robert Kraus
A little mouse discovers just how much his family loves him.
Escúchame (Listen to Me)
by Barbara Neasi
While his parents are busy, a curious boy's grandmother listens to him and answers his questions as they spend time together.
¡Come los guisantes, cuanto antes! (Eat Your Peas, Louise!)
by Pegeen Snow
A young girl refuses to eat the peas on her plate until she is asked properly.
¿Eres tú mi mamá? (Are You My Mother?)
by P.D. Eastman
A newly hatched bird goes looking for its mother.


¡Julieta, estate quieta! (Noisy Nora)
by Rosemary Wells
Nora goes to great lengths to get some attention from the rest of her family.
La camiseta de Max (Max's Dragon Shirt)
by Rosemary Wells
Max wants a shirt with a dragon on it, not the pants that his parents want to buy him.
Mi mamá es fantástica (My Mum Is Excellent!)
by Nick Butterworth
A child tells why he loves and admires his mother, who is clever, creative, and helpful.
El día que la familia Saltarín sembró la huerta (Too Many Hopkins)
by Tomie de Paola
Planting a vegetable garden becomes chaotic when the Hopkins, a family of bunnies, all try to do the same thing at the same time.
Los abuelos (The Grandparents)
by Josep M. Parramón
(Social Studies)
A chronicle of all the things that grandparents do and feel.


La cama de mamá (Mama's Bed Is Best)
by Joi Carlin
Zoila and Zachary pretend that their mother's bed is everything from a space station to an Olympic trampoline.
Papá oso vuelve a casa (Father Bear Comes Home)
by Elsa Holmelund Minarik
When Father Bear returns from a fishing trip, Little Bear is waiting to welcome him home.
La estupenda mamá de Roberta (Hazel's Amazing Mother)
by Rosemary Wells
Hazel's amazing mother rescues her from some bullies.
Los cuentos del cerdito Oliver (Tales of Oliver Pig)
by Jean Van Leeuwen
Penguin Ediciones
Five warm stories about Oliver Pig and his family.
La isla (The Island)
by Arthur Dorros
Penguin Ediciones
Rosalba and her abuela take an imaginary trip to the Caribbean island where her abuela grew up.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Una feliz catástrofe (A Fortunate Catastrophe)
by Adela Turín and Nella Bosnia
A large family of mice finds their lives turned topsy-turvy after their cozy home is flooded.
Tío elefante (Uncle Elephant)
by Arnold Lobel
Uncle Elephant takes care of his nephew until their family is reunited.
Chigüiro se va… (Chigüiro Runs Away)
by Ivar Da Coll
Chigüiro runs away from home, but discovers that there's nothing like home cooking and his own warm bed.
Caracolillo desobediente (The Disobedient Snail)
by Juan Manuel Contreras
When a snail doesn't heed his mother's advice, his shell is stolen.

For Shared Reading

Pajaritos (Little Birds)
by Clarita Kohen
One by one, mother bird's children fly away from her, but they all return to the nest in this rhyming counting book.
¿Tu mamá es una llama? (Is Your Mama A Llama?)
by Deborah Guarino
A curious young llama goes looking for his mama in this rhyming guessing game.
Grandmother's Nursery Rhymes/Las nanas de abuelita
by Nelly Palacio Jaramillo
A collection of traditional South American riddles, rhymes, and lullabies.Text in English and Spanish.
Adivina cuánto te quiero (Guess How Much I Love You)
by Sam McBratney
A father bunny and his child vocalize their love for each other in this tender story.
La sorpresa de mamá coneja (A Surprise for Mother Rabbit)
by Alma Flor Ada
Mother Rabbit's eight children surprise her by gathering all the eggs for their Easter celebration.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


Dog In, Cat Out
by Gillian Rubinstein
The comings and goings of a family's cat and dog are part of the busy daily routine.
Snazzy Aunties
by Nick Sharrat
In rhyming text, a boy introduces his seven cheerful aunties.


Big Help!
by Anna Grossnickle Hines
Sam's little sister Lucy wants to help him with everything he does.
To the Tub
by Peggy Perry Anderson
Joe the frog needs a bath, but it's a challenge for his father to get Joe into the tub.


A Drop of Rain
by Wong Herbert Yee
When they mistake drops of rain for a baby's tears, an extended family tries to cheer up the baby.
Cousin Ruth's Tooth
by Amy MacDonald
The entire Fister family helps Cousin Ruth look for her missing tooth.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Red Light, Green Light, Mama and Me
by Cari Best
Lizzie spends a happy day at work with her mother, a children's librarian.
Pablo's Tree
by Pat Mora
Each year on his birthday, Pablo looks forward to seeing how his grandfather decorates the tree he planted when Pablo was adopted.