Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


A la orilla del mar (By the Sea)
by Josep Maria Bea
A child who lives by the sea flies kites, builds sandcastles, and swims when it is warm.
El señor Sol y el señor Mar (Mr. Sun and Mr. Sea)
by Lily Toy Hong
Harper Déjame leer
Mr. Sea accepts Mr. Sun's invitation to visit, but Mr. Sea brings so much water and so many fish with him that Mr. Sun must jump up into the sky.
Delfines (Dolphins)
by The Cousteau Society
The dolphin, a friendly and intelligent animal, is introduced through simple text and photographs.
Pingüinos (Penguins)
by The Cousteau Society
A simple photographic introduction to the penguin, a bird that can't fly because its wings are too small.


Al acuario (The Aquarium)
by J. M. Parramón
A group of school children and their teacher visit the aquarium where they learn about all kinds of fish.
Eduardo cumpleaños en la piscina (Edward's First Pool Party)
by Rosemary Wells
During a friend's pool party, Edward discovers that he's not quite ready to start swimming.
Los habitantes del mar (Sea Life)
by Janet Craig
Simple text describes the different creatures that live in the ocean.


Podría ser un pez (It Could Still Be a Fish)
by Alan Fowler
Photographs and simple facts about fish.
El viaje de Jenny (Jenny's Journey)
by Sheila White Samton
Penguin Ediciones
On a journey across the ocean to visit her lonely friend Maria, Jenny makes friends with dolphins and seagulls.
Cómo se esconde un pulpo y otras criaturas marinas (How to Hide an Octopus and Other Sea Creatures)
by Ruth Heller
A rhyming introduction to the ways in which a variety of fish use camouflage.
Teo va de pesca (Teo Goes Fishing)
by Violeta Denou
During a vacation at his grandparents' house, a young boy named Teo goes fishing with his grandfather and uncles.
El último en tirarse es un miedoso (Last One In Is a Rotten Egg)
by Leonard Kessler
Harper Arco Iris
After Freddy learns to swim with help from a lifeguard named Tom, he can join his friends in the pool.


El animal más grande del mundo (The Biggest Animal Ever)
by Alan Fowler
Photographs and brief text introduce children to the whale, the world's largest mammal.
Tres junto al mar (Three By the Sea)
by Edward Marshall
After their picnic lunch at the beach, three friends tell each other stories.
El pingüino Pedro (Penguin Pete)
by Marcus Pfister
Ediciones Norte-Sur
Pete the penguin explores his icy world and learns to swim with the older penguins.
Robert Goes Fishing/Roberto va de pesca
by Raquel Puig Zaldívar
When a rainy day prevents Robert from going fishing, he comes up with an ingenious way to catch fish indoors.Text in English and Spanish.
Emil (Emil)
by Tomi Ungerer
Emil, an octopus, has a friendly relationship with a skin diver named Captain Samofar.

For Teacher Read Aloud

El pez arco iris (Rainbow Fish)
by Marcus Pfister
Ediciones Norte-Sur
A beautiful, glittering fish learns important lessons about sharing and friendship.
¡El pez arco iris al rescate! (Rainbow Fish to the Rescue!)
by Marcus Pfister
Ediciones Norte-Sur
In a story about kindness and acceptance, Rainbow Fish makes friends with a lonely new fish and saves him from a hungry shark.
La gata gatona (The Mousehole Cat)
by Antonia Barber
A fisherman and his cat sail out in a storm to save their village from starvation.
El pez de oro (The Fisherman and His Wife)
by M. Eulália Valeri
A fisherman's greedy wife is never satisfied with the wishes granted to them by a magic fish.
Buenos días, querida ballena (Good Morning, My Dear Whale)
by Achim Bröger
A whale leaves the sea to spend time with his fisherman friend in the city.
La pesca de Nessa (Nessa's Fish)
by Nancy Luenn
Simon Libros Colibrí
When Nessa and her grandmother go fishing, Nessa must keep their catch safe from wild animals.
Al mar, al mar, osito polar (To the Sea, To the Sea, Little Polar Bear)
by Hans de Beer
Ediciones Norte-Sur
When Little Polar Bear is caught in a fishing net and ends up in a city, the ship's cat helps him return home.

For Shared Reading

Junto a la bahía (Down By the Bay)
Harper Déjame leer
A child imagines all kinds of zany things happening down by the bay in this traditional song.
Un cuento gracioso de peces (A Funny Fish Story)
by Joanne and David Wylie
A girl goes out fishing and sees all kinds of funny fish that resemble different animals.
Los pingüinos heladeros (The Frosty Penguins)
by Carmen Blázquez Gil
A group of penguins who make ice cream decide they're tired of making just one flavor in this rebus story.
¡Salta, ranita, salta! (Jump, Frog, Jump!)
by Robert Kalan
A frog tries to catch a fly without getting caught by a turtle in this cumulative story.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


Gone Fishing
by Earlene Long
A boy and his father spend the day companionably fishing together.
“Only Joking,” Laughed the Lobster
by Colin West
A lobster gets his comeuppance for frightening other fish into believing a shark is about to eat them.


Down By the Bay
by Raffi
Two friends try to outdo each other imagining sights down by the bay.
Moving Day
by Robert Kalan
A hermit crab looking for a new home tries several shells before finding the one that's just right.


Tom's Fish
by Nancy Coffelt
Tom learns to appreciate the individuality of a fish that swims upside down.
Elephants Swim
by Linda Capus RiIey
A simple introduction to different animals and the ways they respond to water.

For Teacher Read Aloud

by Diana Engel
Loretta's memories of fishing with her grandpa help her make a new friend.
Burt Dow, Deep Water Man
by Robert McCloskey
When an old fisherman gets his hook caught on a whale's tail, surprising things happen.