Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


¿Dónde está Jake? (Where Is Jake?)
by Mary Packard
Two children search the house to find their missing dog.
Nuestro perro (Our Dog)
by Helen Oxenbury
The family dog embarrasses everyone with his mischievous behavior.
Mi perrito (My Puppy)
by Inez Greene
Harper Déjame leer
A girl describes her puppy.
Gatitos (Kittens)
by Angela Royston
Sequential photographs show a kitten's growth over a number of months.


Plumas para almorzar (Feathers for Lunch)
by Lois Ehlert
Harcourt Libros Viajeros
A sneaky cat tries to catch some birds for his lunch.
Clifford, el gran perro colorado (Clifford, the Big Red Dog)
by Norman Bridwell
Emily Ann describes her dog Clifford, who is bigger than a house.
Mi pájaro (My Bird)
by Isidro Sánchez and María Rius
A boy and girl take care of their bird, listen to its beautiful song, and bring it to school for show-and-tell.
Mi hámster (My Hamster)
by Isidro Sánchez and María Rius
A boy and girl relate how they take care of their pet hamster.


Quiero un gato (I Want a Cat)
by Tony Ross
When Jessy's parents refuse to let her have a cat, she decides to act like one.
Crictor (Crictor)
by Tomi Ungerer
Madame Bodot's unusual pet boa constictor saves her from a dangerous thief.
Henry y Mudge: el primer libro de sus aventuras (Henry and Mudge: The First Book of Their Adventures)
by Cynthia Rylant
Simon Libros Colibrí
A boy named Henry finds companionship with a big lovable dog named Mudge.
Alex quiere un dinosaurio (A Boy Wants a Dinosaur)
by Hiawyn Oram and Satoshi Kitamura
Alex gets his wish for a pet dinosaur, but the huge creature causes problems at home and at school.
Sílbale a Willie (A Whistle for Willie)
by Ezra Jack Keats
Willie wants to learn to whistle so he can call his dog.
Harry, el perrito sucio (Harry the Dirty Dog)
by Gene Zion
Harper Arco Iris
The classic story of a dog, some dirt, and a bath.


Cepillo (Brush)
by Pere Calders
A boy's love for his dog is transferred to a brush when his family must give the dog away.
¿Quién cuida al cocodrilo? (Who's Taking Care of the Crocodile?)
by Alma Flor Ada
A girl takes a crocodile home from school in this funny story.
Las grandes mascotas (The Big Pets)
by Lane Smith
In this fantasy, a giant cat and a little girl find a lake full of milk.
Yo siempre te querré (I'll Always Love You)
by Hans Wilhelm
A boy describes the life of his beloved dog, Elfi, and how the dog grows old and dies.
El gato chino (The Chinese Cat)
by José Luis Olaizola
Martina takes care of a kitten that has been abandoned by its mother.

For Teacher Read Aloud

La gata gatona (The Mousehole Cat)
by Antonia Barber
A fisherman and his cat sail out in a storm to save their village from starvation.
El pañuelo de seda (The Silk Scarf)
by Alma Flor Ada
A girl uses her treasured silk scarf to bind an injured crane that she cares for.
Sam Bangs y Hechizo de Luna (Sam Bangs and Moonshine)
by Evaline Ness
Imaginative Sam tells her friends that she has a kangaroo for a pet when what she really has is a cat named Bangs.
La gata de retales (The Patchwork Cat)
by Nicola Bayley and William Mayne
A pampered tabby searches for her missing quilt.

For Shared Reading

Los cuatro cachorritos (Four Black Puppies)
by Sally Grindley
The misadventures of a litter of four active black puppies.
El rabo de gato (Cat's Tail)
by Clarita Kohen
A rhyming story about a mischievous cat who plays with the tail of another cat.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


Claude Has a Picnic
by Dick Gackenbach
Claude the dog solves his neighbors problems and brings them together for a picnic.


Millions of Cats
by Wanda Gag
The classic tale of a man and a woman who find the prettiest kitten among millions of cats.


The Outside Dog
by Charlotte Pomerantz
Marisol convinces her grandmother to adopt a stray mutt.
Pet Show
by Ezra Jack Keats
Archie's cat disappears before the pet show, but quick thinking wins him a ribbon.
Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat
by Cynthia Rylant
Henry and his big dog Mudge take care of a lovable lost cat.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Esmeralda and the Pet Parade
by Cecile Schoberle Simon
Juan's rambunctious pet goat Esmeralda turns the annual Santa Fe pet parade topsy-turvy.
Lorenzo, the Naughty Parrot
by Tony Johnston
A cookie-loving parrot who lives with a family in Mexico gets in all kinds of mischief.