Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


Mi casa (My House)
by J.M. Parramón
Friends Juan, Pedro, María, and Isabel spend a happy day together at Pedro's apartment in the city.
Margaret and Margarita/Margarita y Margaret
by Lynn Reiser
Despite their language barriers, Margaret and Margarita meet in the park and play together.Text in English and Spanish.
Chigüiro encuentra ayuda (Chigüiro Finds Help)
by Ivar Da Coll
After a friend helps Chigüiro reach a bunch of bananas, they share the delicious fruit.(Wordless)


Lucas y Virginia (Benjamin and Tulip)
by Rosemary Wells
Lucas finally stands up to his pushy friend Virginia.
Ana Banana y yo (Anna Banana and Me)
by Lenore Blevgad
Anna's exuberant play helps her friend overcome his fears.
Mi amiga la señora mayor (I Know a Lady)
by Charlotte Zolotow
An older woman becomes good friends with the children in her neighborhood.
Willy y Hugo (Willy and Hugh)
by Anthony Browne
Willy, a lonely chimpanzee, becomes good friends with Hugo, an enormous gorilla, when they run into each other in the park.
Quino y Dino (Quino and Dino)
by Miquel Alzueta
When a dinosaur hatches out of an ordinary egg one morning, he becomes the best friend of a boy named Quino.


Hamamelis, Miosotis, y el Señor Sorpresa (Hamamelis, Miosotis, and Mr. Surprise)
by Ivar Da Coll
Two best friends write to Señor Sorpresa and ask him to give each other what they want for Christmas.
Monty (Monty)
by James Stevenson
Monty the alligator goes on vacation when his friends take advantage of his school shuttle services.
El viaje de Jenny (Jenny's Journey)
by Sheila White Samton
When Jenny's friend Maria writes to say she is lonely, Jenny crosses the ocean to visit her.
Sapo y Sepo son amigos (Frog and Toad Are Friends)
by Arnold Lobel
Five affectionate stories about the friendship between Frog and Toad.
Tres amigos (Three Friends)
by Helme Heine
A rooster, a rat, and a pig spend a marvelous, adventure-filled day together.


Guillermo Jorge Manuel José (Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge)
by Mem Fox
A boy with four names becomes special friends with Ana Josefina Rosa Isabel, a woman who lives next door at a home for the elderly.
Tres junto al mar (Three by the Sea)
by Edward Marshall
Three friends at the beach tell each other stories.
Zorro y sus amigos (Fox and His Friends)
by Edward Marshall
Penguin Ediciones
Three stories about the antics of Fox, his friends, and his sister Louise.
Jorge y Marta en la ciudad (George and Martha Back in Town)
by James Marshall
Five stories about the lovable hippos George and Martha and their strong friendship.
Mateo y Mati (Matthew and Tilly)
by Rebecca C. Jones
Penguin Ediciones
Matthew and Tilly remain close friends even when they have arguments.
Tres en un árbol (Three Up a Tree)
by James Marshall
Lolly, Spider, and Sam compete to tell the best story in their treehouse.
La pandilla en la orilla (Four on the Shore)
by Edward Marshall
Friends Lolly, Spider, and Sam go to the lake to escape Spider's little brother.

For Teacher Read Aloud

¡Música para todo el mundo! (Music, Music for Everyone)
by Vera Williams
Mulberry en Español
Rosa organizes her friends into the Oak Street Band to earn money her family needs because of her grandmother's illness.
El niño y el árbol (The Boy and the Tree)
by Viví Escrivá
A poor orphaned boy forms a special friendship with a tree.
Amos y Boris (Amos and Boris)
by William Steig
Farrar Mirasol
Amos, a mouse, and Boris, a whale, form an unusual friendship.
Torta de cumpleaños (The Birthday Cake)
by Ivar Da Coll
A group of friends discover that birthdays are better celebrated late than not at all.

For Shared Reading

El perro del cerro y la rana de la sabana (The Dog From the Hill and the Frog From the Savannah)
by Ana María Machado
In this funny, rhyming story, a dog and a frog start out as enemies but end up as friends.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


Yo! Yes?
by Chris Raschka
Two boys meet on the street and decide to be friends.


Heart to Heart
by George Shannon
On Valentine's Day, Squirrel makes a special gift for his best friend Mole.
by George Ella Lyon
Two girls imagine doing almost anything together in this poem.


Jamaica and Brianna
by Juanita Havill
Jamaica, who has to wear hand-me-downs, envies her friend Brianna's new pink boots.
Arthur's First Sleepover
by Marc Brown
During a sleepover at Arthur the aardvark's, Arthur and his friends think alien spaceships are after them.
George and Martha
One Fine Day
by James Marshall
Five stories about two best friends on one beautiful day.