Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


Hermanas (Sisters)
by David McPhail
Despite both similarities and differences, two sisters share a loving relationship.
El papalote (The Kite)
by Alma Flor Ada
Mama makes her children a kite, but when they fly it, something unexpected happens.
¿Eres tú mi mamá? (Are You My Mother?)
by P.D. Eastman
A newly hatched bird goes looking for its mother.
¡Come los guisantes, cuanto antes! (Eat Your Peas, Louise!)
by Pegeen Snow
A young girl refuses to eat her peas until her father asks her properly.


¡Julieta, estáte quieta! (Noisy Nora)
by Rosemary Wells
Julieta goes to great lengths to get some attention from her family.
Los padres (Parents)
by Josep M. Parramón
(Social Studies)
A chronicle of all the things that parents do and feel.
Mi papá es genial (My Dad Is Awesome)
by Nick Butterworth
A young boy extols the virtues of his father, who is capable of doing just about anything.
Uno arriba, uno abajo (One Up, One Down)
by Carol Snyder
When Katie's twin brothers are born, she becomes a very busy big sister.


Chigüiro, Abo y Ata (Chugüiro, Abo and Ata)
by Ivar Da Coll
Chigüiro is anxious to grow up, but changes his mind when he finds out that he'll have to give up some of his favorite games.
La cama de Isabella (Isabella's Bed)
by Alison Lester
During a magical journey on their grandmother's bed, Ana and Luis learn about their grandmother's past in South America.
¡Música para todo el mundo! (Music, Music, for Everyone!)
by Vera B. Williams
Rosa organizes her friends into the Oak Street Band to raise money her family needs because of her grandmother's illness.
Algo especial para mí (Something Special for Me)
by Vera B. Williams
Rosa and her mother go downtown so Rosa can pick out what she wants most for her birthday.
Josefina y la colcha de retazos (The Josefina Story Quilt)
by Eleanor Coerr
(Social Studies)
Harper Arco Iris
When Faith and her family join a wagon train headed west, Faith's pet chicken, Josefina, goes with them.


El paraíso de abuelita (Abuela's Paradise)
by Carmen Santiago Nodar
As a girl sits in her grandmother's rocking chair, she remembers all the stories they shared before her grandmother died.
El cuento de Nessa (Nessa's Story)
by Nancy Luenn
Simon Libros Colibrí
Inspired by her grandmother's stories, a young Inuit girl looks for her own story to tell.
El sombrero del tío Nacho/Uncle Nacho's Hat
by Harriet Rohmer
Children's Book Press
Uncle Nacho loves his old hat, but his niece Ambrosia tries to get him to wear a new one.Text in English and Spanish.
Tiempos duros (Tight Times)
by Barbara Shook Hazen
Family love and togetherness help a boy get through the “tight times” after his father loses his job.
Una grieta en la pared (A Crack in the Wall)
by Mary Elizabeth Haggerty
Lee & Low
Carlos uses imagination and crayons to transform a crack in the wall of the small apartment he and his mother live in.

For Teacher Read Aloud

El automóvil de mi abuelo (My Grandfather's Automobile)
by Hilda Perera
Julian dreams of saving enough money to buy a car and take his grandson on the trip to the country that he has promised him.
La abuelita de arriba y la abuelita de abajo (Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs)
by Tomie dePaola
A boy who enjoys a loving relationships with his grandmother and his great grandmother deals with the death of his great grandmother.
Sorpresa de Navidad para Chabelita (A Christmas Surprise for Chabelita)
by Argentina Palacios
While her mother works in the city, a Panamanian girl memorizes her mother's favorite poem for a Christmas pageant.

For Shared Reading

by Sandra Cisneros
The narrator describes the different kinds of hair in her family.Text in English and Spanish.
Pepita habla dos veces/Pepita Talks Twice
by Ofelia Dumas Lachtman
Translating everything into English from Spanish for her family and neighbors frustrates Pepita, but she learns the value of being bilingual.Text in English and Spanish.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


Mama Zooms
by Jane Cowen-Fletcher
A young boy imagines his mother's wheelchair is everything from a train to a spaceship.


La Boda
by Nancy Van Laan
A girl and her grandmother watch as the village prepares for a traditional Zapotec Indian wedding celebration.
Cousin Ruth's Tooth
by Amy MacDonald
When Cousin Ruth loses her tooth, the whole Fister family joins in the search to find it.


Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope
by Martha Cooper and Ginger Gordon
(Social Studies)
In a tradition handed down through generations, nine-year-old Anthony learns to rope and ride Mexican rodeo style from his father.
Poppa's New Pants
by Angela Shelf Medearis
Grandma Tiny, Big Mama, and Aunt Viney all hem Poppa's new pants, with unexpectedly funny results.
Amelia Bedelia's Family Album
by Peggy Parish
Meet Amelia Bedelia's wacky family in this book of puns and word plays.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Red Bird
by Barbara Mitchell
Katie joins her family and other Native Americans at the Nanticoke's annual powwow in Delaware.
A Day's Work
by Eve Bunting
A lie that Francisco tells helps his grandfather get a day's work, but he discovers that honesty is more precious than money.