Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


Caminando: Un libro en dos lenguas/Taking a Walk: A Book in Two Languages
by Rebecca Emberley
(Social Studies)
A walk through the neighborhood. In English and Spanish.
Guillermo Jorge Manuel José (Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge)
by Mem Fox
The boy with four names is pleased to find a woman with four names, Señorita Ana Josefina Rosa Isabel, living in the seniors' home right next door.
David juega al escondite en la ciudad/David Plays Hide-and-Seek in the City
by Dolores Mayorga
(Social Studies)
David and his friends find places and objects around the city. In English and Spanish.
Un sillón para mi mamá (A Chair for My Mother)
by Vera B. Williams
After a fire destroys their home, Rosa, her mother, and grandmother manage with the neighbors' help, while saving to buy a big chair for Mother.
Mateo y Mati (Matthew and Tilly)
by Rebecca C. Jones
Penguin Ediciones
Two youngsters in a big-city neighborhood realize how lonely they can be after they have a quarrel.


Esta casa que hemos hecho (This Home We Made)
by Anne Hammond and Joseph Matunis
(Social Studies)
A homeless child watches a parade in hopes of finding a home. In English and Spanish.
Mi amiga la Señora Mayor
by Charlotte Zolotow
The story of friendship between an older woman and the children in her neighborhood.
Josefina y la colcha de retazos (The Josefina Story Quilt)
by Eleanor Coerr
(Social Studies)
Harper Arco Iris
Faith, her family, and her pet chicken Josefina join a wagon train headed west.


Por fin es Carnaval (Tonight Is Carnaval)
by Arthur Dorros
(Social Studies)
A Peruvian family prepares to enjoy the neighborhood carnaval.
La estrella de Ángel/Angel's Kite
by Alberto Blanco
In this Mexican story, a boy makes a kite that restores a town's missing church bell. In English and Spanish.
Al amanecer (By the Dawn's Early Light)
by Karen Ackerman
While their mother works, two youngsters take care of their grandmother.
El piñatero/The Piñata Maker
by George Ancona
(Social Studies)
A glimpse into the life of piñata maker Tio Rico and the Mexican village where he lives. In English and Spanish.
La noche de las estrellas (The Night of the Stars)
by Douglas Gutiérrez
In this South American legend, a man who is afraid of the dark accidentally creates the moon and the stars.
En el barrio
by Alma Flor Ada
(Social Studies)
A young boy investigates his neighborhood and finds that he is surrounded by a variety of people.


¿Quién es de aquí? Una historia de América (Who Belongs Here? An American Story)
by Margy Burns Knight
(Social Studies)
Nary, a young Cambodian boy who flees to America, loves his new home, but is surprised when not everyone welcomes him.
Fiesta U.S.A (Fiesta U.S.A)
by George Ancona
(Social Studies)
This photo essay focuses on four fiestas: “Day of the Dead,” Las Posadas processions, the New Year's Day dance of Los Matachines, and La Fiesta de los Reyes Magos.
Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
by Joyce Johnston
(Social Studies)
The cities, beaches, rolling pastures, and tropical rain forest are featured in this history of the island commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Sauce azul (Blue Willow)
by Doris Gates
Janey treasures her migrant family's blue willow plate for its scene of a peaceful home.
Alexander, que de ninguna manera--¿le oyen?--¡lo dice en serio!--se va a mudar (Alexander, Who's Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move)
by Judith Viorst
His family is planning to move, but Alexander does not want to leave all his friends in his neighborhood.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


We Keep a Store
by Anne Shelby
A young girl helps her family run their general store in the country.
The Car Washing Street
by Denise Patrick Lewis
It's Saturday and all the neighbors are washing their cars.
Knoxville, Tennessee
by Nikki Giovanni
A poem that celebrates community life in the summer.


Going Home
by Eve Bunting
Carlos and his sister are not sure they want to go back to Mexico for Christmas since they live in California, but they discover it is possible to have two homes.
It Takes a Village
by Jane Cowen-Fletcher
A West African girl learns that the entire community is looking after her and her brother.
City Green
by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan
(Social Studies)
A community works together to turn a vacant lot into a garden.


Saturday Market
by Patricia Grossman
A Mexican market comes to life each Saturday.
The Last Dragon
by Susan Miho Nunes
Clarion 1995 (32p)
A young boy spending the summer with his aunt in Chinatown is delighted when the whole community helps him restore an old dragon costume.
The Other Side: How Kids Live in a California Latino Neighborhood
by Kathleen Krull
Three Mexican American children show off their neighborhoods.
Pearl Moscowitz's Last Stand
by Arthur Levine
Neighbors conspire to keep the city from cutting down the last tree on their street.

For Teacher Read Aloud

My New York
by Kathy Jacobsen
A New York girl describes her city in letters to a Midwestern friend.
Taxi Cab Tales
by Barbara Anne Porte
Abigail and Sam's father, a cab driver, tells them wonderful stories about his passengers.
Letting Swift River Go
by Jane Yolen
A young girl's hometown is flooded to create the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts.