Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


Crisantemo (Chrysanthemum)
by Kevin Henkes
Chrysanthemum loves her name until the children at school tease her about it, but a new teacher soon makes her like her name again.
Ruby, mono ve, mono hace (Ruby the Copycat)
by Peggy Rathmann
Scholastic Mariposa
The new girl in school, Ruby copies her new friend Angela until she learns it is best to be herself.
Así vamos a la escuela (This Is the Way We Go to School)
by Edith Baer
(Social Studies)
Scholastic Mariposa
Through pictures and rhyme, readers learn how kids around the world go to school.
La fiesta de la escuela (Sally Ann: The School Show)
by Terrance Dicks
Sally Ann, the talking rag doll, comes up with a plan to raise money for the day care center repairs.
Los bostezos de Pablo (Pablo's Yawns)
by Ana Gago
Pablo, tired of getting out of his warm bed each morning to go to school, suddenly has a brilliant idea.


Leones perezosos, corderos afortunados (Lazy Lions, Lucky Lambs)
by Patricia Reilly Giff
Richard and his friends develop writer's block when asked to write an essay.
La bestia en la clase de la señorita (The Beast in Ms. Rooney's Room)
by Patricia Reilly Giff
With the help of his new teacher, Richard soon discovers that he likes reading and can keep up with the rest of his class.
Decid patata (Say “Cheese”)
by Patricia Reilly Giff
When it is time to take a picture of the class picnic in the park, everyone discovers that Emily is missing.
La Asombrosa Graciela (Amazing Grace)
by Mary Hoffman
Penguin Ediciones
Even though her classmates tell her she can't play Peter Pan in the school play, Graciela knows she can do anything she really wants to.
Jugo de pecas (Freckle Juice)
by Judy Blume
Andrew hopes the formula prepared by his classmate will give him the freckles he desperately wants, but instead he turns green.


Ramona la chinche (Ramona the Pest)
by Beverly Cleary
When she begins kindergarten, Ramona has a series of hilarious adventures
Ramona empieza el curso (Ramona Quimby, Age 8)
by Beverly Cleary
Now entering third grade, Ramona adjusts to a new school year.
El secreto de la arboleda (The Secret of the Orchard)
by Fernando Lalana
When he gets a bad report card, Ernesto is told he must spend the summer studying.
¿Seguiremos siendo amigos? (Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon)
by Paula Danziger
Amber Brown just knows that third grade is going to be the worst year of her life.
El autobús mágico[TM] viaja por el agua (The Magic School Bus® at the Waterworks)
by Joanna Cole
Scholastic Mariposa
Ms. Frizzle and her class take a trip through the town's waterworks and discover fascinating facts. See others in this popular series.
El pizarrón encantado (The Magic Chalkboard)
by Emilio Carbalalido
Adrián finds a magic chalkboard that turns fantasy into reality.
Abuelita Opalina (Grandma Opalina)
by María Puncel
When her teacher asks Isa's class to write a paper about their grandmothers, Isa has to invent her ideal grandmother, with surprising results.


Sopaboba (Silly Soup)
by Fernando Alonso
In a humorous way, the author deals with the fear some students have of failing in school.
Los cien vestidos (The Hundred Dresses)
by Eleanor Estes
Her classmates taunt Wanda for wearing the same blue dress every day, but Wanda says she has a hundred dresses: her drawings that she enters in an art contest.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Querido Señor Henshaw (Dear Mr. Henshaw)
by Beverly Cleary
When a teacher has students write to their favorite authors, Leigh Botts starts an interesting correspondence with Mr. Henshaw.
La redacción (Homework)
by Evelyne Reberg
Enrique has put off writing his paper that is now due, so he and his friend Estaban go out to find something to write about.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


I Spy School Days: A Book of Picture Puzzles
by Jean Marzollo
Following the format of her earlier “I Spy” books, the author presents school as students have never seen it, with rhyming riddles, brainteasers, and puzzles.
Count Your Money with the Polk Street School
by Patricia Reilly Giff
Ms. Rooney's class is saving money to take a trip.
A One-Room School
by Bobbie Kalman
(Social Studies)
All aspects of a one-room school are explained and illustrated.


Herbie Jones and the Class Gift
by Suzy Kline
Herbie and his pal must find a way to earn money for their teacher's gift.
The Littles Go to School
by John Peterson
The six-inch Littles, who live in the walls of the Biggs' house, are taken to school in a gerbil cage.
Author's Day
by Daniel Pinkwater
When author Bramwell Wink-Porter visits a school, the children think he's someone else.
My Great-Aunt Arizona
by Gloria Houston
(Social Studies)
Arizona taught generations of children about the faraway places she never got to see.
Officer Buckle and Gloria
by Peggy Rathmann
Officer Buckle is a flop at teaching safety tips to students until he is joined by his pal Gloria.


Off and Running
by Gary Soto
Miata Ramirez fights a tough campaign for class president against the very popular Rudy Herrera.
Koya Delaney and the Good Girl Blues
by Eloise Greenfield
When her two best friends at school have a disagreement, Koya finds herself in the middle.
Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear
by Lensey Namioka
Yang, the only one in his family who is tone deaf, would rather play baseball with his school friends than practice the violin.
Pool Party
by Gary Soto
When a surprised Rudy receives an invitation to a pool party at the home of the richest girl in his class, he gets plenty of advice from his family about how he should behave.
Math Curse
by Jon Scieszka
After her teacher tells her that you can think of almost everything as a math problem, a young girl finds herself surrounded by math problems from morning till night.
The Skirt
by Gary Soto
In the author's first novel about Miata Ramirez, Miata wonders how she can retreive the folklorica skirt that belonged to her mother as a child in Mexico.

For Teacher Read Aloud

I Thought I'd Take My Rat to School: Poems for September to June
by Dorothy M. Kennedy
Brief, often humorous, school poems by many well-known poets.
Children of the Dust Bowl
by Jerry Stanley
(Social Studies)
The story of the Arvin Federal Camp and teacher/counselor Leo Hart.
Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School
by Louis Sachar
Fifty hilarious stories, each filled with brainteasers.
School Spirit
by Johanna Hurwitz
Julio and his friends try to keep the school board from closing their school.