Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


Antártida (Antarctica)
by Helen Cowcher
Farrar Mirasol
A compelling tale of people's effect on the balance of nature.
La tigresa (Tigress)
by Helen Cowcher
Farrar Mirasol
A ranger tries to save a tigress and her cubs.
El bosque tropical (Rain Forest)
by Helen Cowcher
Farrar Mirasol
The lush vegetation and exotic animals of the rain forest are being threatened.
Algo está creciendo (Something Is Growing)
by Walter Lyon Krudop
A boy discovers a seed on a New York City street and watches it grow and take over the city.
El día que los pájaros cayeron del cielo ( The Day the Birds Fell From the Sky)
by Federico Krafft Vera
Villagers, unhappy because air pollution has caused all the birds to leave, decide to clean up so the birds will return.


Dentro de la selva tropical (At Home in the Rain Forest)
by Diane Willow
The author stresses the interrelatedness of all life forms.
¿Les echaremos de menos? Especies en peligro de extinción (Will We Miss Them? Endangered Species)
by Alexandra Wright
The author, an eleven-year-old girl, provides a glimpse of endangered species.
La mariposa bailarina (The Ballerina Butterfly)
by Carlos Ruvalcaba
The reader follows the migration of a group of butterflies from Michoacán, Mexico, to Canada.
Halcón, soy tu hermano (Hawk, I'm Your Brother)
by Byrd Baylor
Rudy Soto takes a baby hawk from its nest, but soon learns what harm he has done and sets the hawk free.
El canto de las ballenas (The Whales' Song)
by Dyan Sheldon
A young girl's grandmother recalls a time when the earth's oceans were filled with whales.


Fernando's Gift (El regalo de Fernando)
by Douglas Keister
When Fernando, who lives in the rain forest of Costa Rica, goes looking for his favorite climbing tree, he discovers that not everyone has respect for the beautiful forest.
El aullido de los monos (When the Monkeys Came Back)
by Kristine L. Franklin
The monkeys that live in the valley where Marta grew up begin to leave when people start cutting down trees.
El último árbol (The Last Tree)
by Stepan Zavrel
Lea and Zaid persuade greedy villagers not to let woodsmen cut down their trees.
En mi propio jardín (In My Own Backyard)
by Judi Kurjian
In this fantasy, a child watches as his backyard is transformed to show what it was like thousands of years ago.
¿Quién usa las papeleras? (Who Uses Wastepaper Baskets?)
by Ricardo Alcántara
In this humorous story, a city is paralyzed by two boys engaged in a paper-throwing battle.
Un paseo por la naturaleza: Explorando una reserva natural (A Walk in the Wild: Exploring a Wildlife Refuge)
by Lorraine Ward
Explains how wildlife refuges work and why they are necessary.
50 cosas que los niños pueden hacer (50 Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth)
compiled by The Earth Works Group
Simple ways for children to practice conservation are detailed.


Nuestro planeta en peligro: La Antártida (Our Endangered Planet: Antarctica)
by Suzanne Winckler and Mary M. Rodgers
Presents a straightforward account of current environmental problems.
Nuestro planeta en peligro: Las selvas tropicales (Our Endangered Planet: Tropical Rain Forests)
by Cornelia Mutel and Mary M. Rodgers
Describes the problems in the world's rain forests and suggests solutions.
El bisonte americano (American Bison)
by Ruth Berman
Explains what happened to the bison that used to roam the Plains.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Hermana Águila, Hermano Cielo: Un mensaje del Jefe Seattle (Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: A Message from Chief Seattle)
by Susan Jeffers
Penguin Ediciones
A beautifully illustrated adaptation of the speech Chief Seattle delivered at treaty negotiations in the 1850s.
El graznido del cuervo (The Cry of the Crow)
by Jean Craighead George
Mandy tries to rescue a crow whose family has been killed by hunters.
El hombre que plantaba árboles (The Man Who Planted Trees)
by Jean Giono
A shepherd plants thousands of trees that eventually change an entire region.
La tierra que habla (The Talking Earth)
by Jean Craighead George
A Seminole girl gains a new appreciation for the earth and her heritage.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


My First Green Book
by Angela Wilkes
A large-format book with experiments, projects, and tips for young environmentalists.
Be a Friend to Trees
by Patricia Lauber
Simple but informative text explains the importance of trees to humans and animals.


A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History
by Lynne Cherry
The Nashua River was almost destroyed by pollution until an ambitious clean-up project saved it.
Crocodile Smile: 10 Songs of the Earth as the Animals See It
by Sarah Weeks and Lois Ehlert
Ten songs of the earth, each from an endangered animal's point of view. With cassette.


The Endangered Florida Panther
by Margaret Goff Clark
Focuses on what is being done to save this animal.
Taking Care of the Earth: Kids in Action
by Laurence Pringle
(Social Studies)
Boyds Mills
Highlights the efforts of kids around the world to take better care of the earth.
And Then There Was One: The Mysteries of Extinction
by Marjorie Facklam
A look at what causes animals to become endangered or extinct.

For Teacher Read Aloud

The Big Book for Our Planet
edited by Ann Durell, et al.
A variety of well-known authors contributed to this collection of stories, poetry, and nonfiction about the earth.
The Earth Is Painted Green: A Garden of Poems About Our Planet
by Barbara Brenner
Poems about the earth by various well-known poets.
by Virginia Hamilton
Destruction of the rain forest forces a wildcat to find a new home.