Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


La asombrosa Graciela (Amazing Grace)
by Mary Hoffman
Penguin Ediciones
Graciela knows she can be anything she wants to.
Un libro ilustrado sobre Abraham Lincoln (A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln)
by David A. Adler
(Social Studies)
The story of an American president who faced many challenges during his life.
Doctor De Soto (Doctor De Soto)
by William Steig
In this humorous story, a mouse dentist must find a way to treat a dangerous patient without becoming his patient's dinner.


El valor de Sarah Noble (The Courage of Sarah Noble)
by Alice Dalgliesh
Eight-year-old Sarah helps her father build a home in the wilderness.
¡Aquí viene el que se poncha! (Here Comes the Strikeout)
by Leonard Kessler
Harper Arco Iris
Bobby refuses to give up and, with lots of practice and the help of his friend Willy, finally gets a hit instead of a strikeout.
El último en tirarse es un miedoso (Last One In Is a Rotten Egg)
by Leonard Kessler
Harper Arco Iris
Freddy, who desperately wants to learn to swim, learns that he doesn't have to be the rotten egg.


Kristi Yamaguchi
by Shioabhan Donohue
The life of the young Olympics gold-medal skater who faced the challenges of competition while trying to maintain a normal life.
Arturo y Clementina (Arthur and Clementine)
by Adela Turin
Tired of having Arturo provide for her, Clementina takes off to see the world and take care of herself.
Rosa Caramelo
by Adela Turin
A little girl elephant challenges the restrictions that cause boy elephants and girl elephants to live different lives.
El manto de plumas (The Feather Cloak)
by Alma Flor Ada
The characters in these short stories face and overcome many obstacles.
La estrella que le perdió el miedo a la noche (The Star That Lost Her Fear of the Night)
by Pilar Lozano
A boy and a star, both of whom are fearful, meet in a dream and help each other overcome their fears.


El béisbol nos salvó (Baseball Saved Us)
by Ken Mochizuki
Lee & Low
A Japanese American boy explains how playing baseball helped him and others survive being a prisoner in an internment camp.
Charlot (Chaplin)
by Merce Company
The famous Charlie Chaplin overcame many obstacles in his early life.

For Teacher Read Aloud

La isla de Abel (Abel's Island)
by William Steig
Farrar Mirasol
A gentleman mouse faces the sudden challenge of surviving alone in the wild.
La cabalgata de Paul Revere (The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere)
by Henry Wadsworth
(Social Studies)
The classic poem of Revere's ride through Boston and the countryside to alert citizens to the arrival of British soldiers.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


Ahyoka and the Talking Leaves
by Peter Roop and Connie Roop
Ahyoka and her father Sequoyah spend years creating an alphabet for their Cherokee people.
Fire on the Mountain
by Jane Kurtz
Alemaye, a shepherd boy, is challenged to spend a bitter-cold night alone on a mountain in exchange for a bag of money in this Ethiopian folktale.
Daniel's Duck
by Clyde Robert Bulla
A young boy meets his idol, who tells him to respect his own work.
Centerfield Ballhawk
by Matt Christopher
José, a star fielder for the Peach Street Mudders, worries that he will never be the hitter that his father, a former ball player, was.


Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope
by Martha Cooper
A Mexican American boy wants to learn to rope and ride in the Mexican Rodeo style handed down through many generations.
Clara Barton and Her Victory Over Fear
by Robert Quackenbush
(Social Studies)
Once too timid to ask for a new pair of gloves, Clara Barton later became a nurse on the Civil War battlefields.
Uncle Jed's Barbershop
by Margaree King Mitchell
Sarah Jean's Uncle Jed, a traveling barber who dreams of owning his own shop, may have to postpone his dream a while longer.
Pearl Moscowitz's Last Stand
by Arthur Levine
Mrs. Moscowitz and her neighbors are determined to save the last tree in their neighborhood.


Stone Fox
by John R. Gardiner
Little Willy and his dog Searchlight really need to win this race, but it will be difficult to beat the famous Stone Fox.
A Boy Becomes a Man at Wounded Knee
by Ted Wood and Manbli Numpa Afraid of Hawk
A boy endures numerous hardships on a 150-mile ride to Wounded Knee to commemorate the suffering of his ancestors.
Iditarod Dream
by Ted Wood
Fifteen-year-old Dusty Whittemore and his dogs need intense preparation to race the grueling 158 miles of Alaksa's Jr. Iditarod.
Girls to the Rescue: Tales of Clever, Courageous Girls From Around the World
by Bruce Lasky
In this collection of amusing multicultural stories, resourceful young women reverse the folktale tradition of helpless heroines.
A World of Knowing: A Story About Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
by Andy Russell Bowen
(Social Studies)
Facing the challenge of his own ill health inspired Thomas Gallaudet to found the Hartford School for the Deaf, the first school of its kind in the country.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Class President
by Johanna Hurwitz
Shy Julio runs against the popular Cricket for class president.
Swamp Angel
by Anne Isaacs
A humorous tall tale about Angelica Longrider, who vanquishes Thundering Tarnation, a bear terrorizing Tennessee.