Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


Yo puedo leer sobre las ballenas y delfines (I Can Read About Whales and Dolphins)
by Joan Anderson
Clearly presented information about these species.
Delfines (Dolphins)
by Norman Barrett
An informative introduction to a popular marine animal.
El asombroso armadillo (The Astonishing Armadillo)
by Dee Stuart
Easy-to-read text and full-color photographs explore the world of this amazing creature.
El bisonte americano (American Bison)
by Ruth Berman
The author explains what happened to the bison that used to roam the American Plains.


Osos (Bears)
by Lynn Stone
Basic information on the life and natural habitat of bears. See other titles in the Animales norteamericanos (North American Animals) series.
Manatíes (Manatees)
by Sarah Palmer
The life and habitat of the endangered manetee are explored. See other titles in the Mamífero marino (Sea Mammals) series.
Leones (Lions)
by Lucy Baker
A day in the life of a lion in its natural habitat.
Jan y el caballo salvaje (Jan and the Wild Horse)
A boy wants to protect an injured wild horse from the other horses in the herd.


Los peces (Fish)
by Steve Parker
The author introduces the wide variety of fish life, their life cycles, and behavior.
El bisonte y los animales de América del Norte (The Bison and the Animals of North America)
by María Pía and Alessandro Minelli
Focuses on the bison, an animal that once flourished in North America. See others in the Los animales de la tierra (Animals of the Earth) series.
El secreto de la foca (Seal Secret)
by Aidan Chambers
Will undertakes a mission to save a captive seal and give it its freedom.
La destrucción de los hábitats (Habitat Destruction)
by Tony Hare
Learn how animals are threatened by the continued destruction of the natural habitats.
El fascinante mundo de los murciélagos (Fascinating World of Bats)
by Angel Julivert
An illustrated look at the often-misunderstood bat and its behavior.
Los secretos de la Amazonia (Adventures on the Amazon)
by Pamela Stacey and David O. Brown
Jacques Cousteau and his team explore the Amazon rainforest.


La manada de lobos: Siguiendo las huellas de los lobos en su entorno natural (Wolf Pack: Tracking Wolves in the Wild)
by Sylvia Johnson and Alice Aamodt
The author describes the social interaction of wolves.
Tú puedes ser una zoóloga (You Can Be a Woman Zoologist)
by Judith L. Cohen and Valerie Thompson
(Social Studies)
The authors discuss their careers in hopes of inspiring others to consider becoming zoologists.
La Gran Barrera de Arrecifes: Un laboratorio viviente (The Great Barrier Reef: A Living Laboratory)
by Rebecca Johnson
Presents the Australian Great Barrier Reef and the creatures that live in this underwater world.
El aullido del lobo (The Cry of the Wolf)
by Melvin Burgess
When Ben Tilly tells a man known as the Hunter about wolves he has seen near his farm, he soon realizes he has put the wolves' lives in danger.

For Teacher Read Aloud

La casa de las alas (The House of Wings)
by Betsy Byars
Caring for a wounded crane brings a boy and his grandfather closer.
El graznido del cuervo (The Cry of the Crow)
by Jean Craighead George
A Florida girl takes care of a pet crow.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


Shadows of the Night: The Hidden World of the Little Brown Bat
by Barbara Bash
Sierra Club
Explains the benefits bats provide and dispels myths about them.
All About Owls
by Jim Arnosky
The author explores the nighttime world of owls and discusses their habits and habitats.
And So They Build
by Bert Kitchen
Clear text and beautiful paintings show how various animals build homes for their families.


Arctic Foxes
by Downs Matthews
This photoessay explores the life and world of the little-known artcic fox and how it survives a harsh environment.
Come Back, Salmon
by Molly Cone
(Social Studies)
A fifth-grade class from Everett, Washington, restores the salmon to Pigeon Creek.


by Sterling North
Keeping a pet raccoon turns out to be more than Sterling bargained for.
Journey of the Red Wolf
by Roland Smith
The last seventeen red wolves in East Texas became part of a recovery program that eventually reintroduced the species into the woods of North Carolina.
There's a Wolf in the Classroom!
by Bruce Weide and Patricia Tucker
The authors are the owners and trainers of Koani, a wolf that is part of the Ambassador Wolf program designed to educate students about this controversial animal.
Dogs: The Wolf Within
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Explains how today's canine resembles its wolf ancestors.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Vulpe, the Red Fox
by Jean Craighead George
In this recently reissued book, Vulpes has outwitted hunters for several seasons but must finally confront his enemy.
Owls in the Family
by Farley Mowat
The author relates his hilarious adventures training two great horned owls.