Books in Spanish

For Independent Reading


La habitación de Mauricio (Maurice's Room)
by Paula Fox
Maurice's parents can't understand his passion for collecting what they call junk.
La pesca de Nessa (Nessa's Fish)
by Nancy Luenn
Atheneum Libros Colibrí
In this Inuit story in which Nessa and her grandmother go ice-fishing, Nessa must protect their catch from a series of animals.
Veo: un libro de adivinanzas ilustradas (I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles)
by Jean Marzollo
The rhyming riddles help the reader find hidden objects in the pictures.


Henry Huggins (Henry Huggins)
by Beverly Cleary
Henry loves his dog Ribsy, who gets himself and Henry in all kinds of trouble.
Los cazadores invisibles (The Invisible Hunters)
as told by Harriet Rohmer, Octavio Chow, and Morris Vidaure
Three brothers, who become invisible hunters when they promise not to sell pig meat, forget their promise when confronted by traders.
México mío/My Mexico
by Tony Johnston
A collection of poems about Mexico. Text in English and Spanish.
Zuecos y naranjas (Wooden Shoes and Oranges)
by Monserrat del Amo
When Vincente moves from Spain to Denmark, his new classmates help him adjust by labeling everything in Danish.


Abuelita Opalina (Grandmother Opalina)
by María Puncel
Isa gets more than she bargained for when she invents a grandmother for a school assignment.
Pippa Mediaslargas (Pippi Longstocking)
by Astrid Lindgren
In this children's classic, a spirited nine-year-old orphan named Pippi has her own way of handling situations.
El verdadero ladrón (The Real Thief)
by William Steig
When the goose Gawain is accused of stealing from King Basil the bear, he wonders if anyone will believe he is innocent.
Mi rincón en la montaña (My Side of the Mountain)
by Jean Craighead George
Penguin Ediciones
Equipped with a penknife, some cord, an axe, and forty dollars, Sam spends the winter on his family's land in the Catskills.
Ana, la de tejas verdes (Anne of Green Gables)
by Lucy Maud Montgomery
In this favorite classic, Anne, an orphan, begins a new life with the Cuthberts, who really wanted to adopt a boy.
Querido Señor Henshaw (Dear Mr. Henshaw)
by Beverly Cleary
Through letters he writes to his favorite author, Leigh Botts begins to adjust to new situations and to his parents' divorce.


Pescar un pez, conquistar una montaña (Hook a Fish, Catch a Mountain)
by Jean Craighead George
Spinner wants to pursue her dream of dancing without disappointing her father.
Primos (Cousins)
by Virginia Hamilton
Not until tragedy strikes does Cammy realize she may have misunderstood her beautiful cousin.
Béisbol en abril y otras historias (Baseball in April and Other Stories)
by Gary Soto
A collection of eleven short stories about growing up Latino in Fresno, California.
El signo del castor (The Sign of the Beaver)
by Elizabeth George Speare
Matt must decide whether to stay with the Indians who rescued him or spend the winter alone.

For Teacher Read Aloud

Gus cara de piedra (The Stone-Faced Boy)
by Paula Fox
Gus is afraid to show his feelings until he meets Great-Aunt Hattie.
Donde florecen los lirios (Where the Lillies Bloom)
by Vera and Bill Cleaver
A fourteen-year-old Appalachian girl struggles to keep her family together following the death of her father.
El jardín secreto (The Secret Garden)
by Frances Hodgson Burnett
A self-centered girl learns about friendship and generosity when she and a spoiled invalid boy secretly try to restore his mother's locked garden.

Books in English

(English Language Development)

For Shared or Independent Reading


Through Grandpa's Eyes
by Patricia MacLachlan
On visits to his grandparents, John shares his blind grandfather's world.
Eagle Dreams
by Sheryl McFarlane
Robin, neglectful of his chores, promises to change his ways if he's permitted to care for an injured eagle.


Great Grandfather's House
by Rumer Godden
When Keiko spends time with her cousin and great-grandfather, she learns about sharing and respect.
Stealing Home
by Mary Stolz
When Great-Aunt Linzy comes for a visit, Thomas worries about how long she plans to stay.


Neighborhood Odes
by Gary Soto
A collection of twenty-one poems about life in the barrio.
The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt
by Patricia MacLachlan
Harper paper
Minna wishes that her writer father and psychologist mother would act normal, like the parents of her friend.
Later, Gator
by Laurence Yep
As a joke, Teddy buys his brother an alligator for his birthday, but maybe the joke is on Teddy.

For Teacher Read Aloud

On the Far Side of the Mountain
by Jean Craighead George
In this sequel to My Side of the Mountain, Sam searches for his younger sister, now living on the mountain, and his stolen pet falcon.
S. O. R. Losers
by Avi
The South Orange River hockey team loses game after game, but they don't seem to mind.
The Plum Tree War
by Bonnie Pryor
Robert is upset when his cousin and her huge dog come for a yearlong visit.