Overview of Section Resources

Section 1: Water and Weather
Students are introduced to the water cycle. The class uses a rain gauge to collect rain. Then they observe the evaporation of puddles and discuss the factors that speed and slow the process of evaporation.
Section 2: The Sky
Students make a sky window to observe the sky. They compare the differences in sky color from day to day, and observe the types of cloud cover. Using drawings and a class chart, students record their observations.
Section 3: Landforms
Students learn about landforms and observe and identify landforms they see on a walk. Students are introduced to the idea that landforms change over time. They model the erosion of a sand mountain from moving water, and learn that the greater the force of the water, the faster a landform will erode.
Section 4: Earth's Resources
Students are introduced to the concept of natural resources. They learn how Earth's resources are used by people, and discuss the importance of conserving and recycling resources. Students are given an activity sheet to complete with their family, to encourage discussion about conservation in their home environment.