The following books and websites contain additional information, activities, and enrichment options. The books may be available through publishers, distributors such as bookstores or online retailers, or library systems.

For Students

Awesome Experiments in Electricity and Magnetism
Michael DiSpezio, Sterling, 2000
Electricity and Magnetism
Robert Snedden and Peter Riley, Heinemann, 1999
Electricity and Magnets
Sarah Angliss, King´Čüsher, 2001
Magnetism: From Pole to Pole
Christopher Cooper, Heinemann, 2003

For Teachers

Janice VanCleave's Physics for Every Kid:
101 Easy Experiments in Motion, Heat, Light, Machines, and Sound
(Science for Every Kid Series)
Janice VanCleave, Wiley, 1991


IEEE Virtual Museum

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